Report a Puppy Mill

Are you aware of a puppy mill near you? Or of someone who is producing puppies for profit or as a business and sells more than 2 litters of puppies in a year? Do you have knowledge of someone keeping several dogs for breeding in unsanitary conditions or if it is obvious the dogs are in need of vet care? Report it to the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) Program, which is a licensing and inspection program dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of those animals in pet care facilities throughout Colorado.

What is PACFA?

The Pet Animal Care Facilities Act (PACFA) gives the Colorado Department of Agriculture the statutory authority to license and inspect all pet animal care facilities. Any person who is operating a pet animal facility that engages in selling, transferring, adopting, breeding, boarding, training, grooming, sheltering or rescuing any pet animal may need to be licensed with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.  For 3CW, the big ones are breeding and retail facilities-puppy mills and pet stores.

The Pet Animal Care Facilities Program, overseen by the Commissioner of the Colorado Department of Agriculture,  was set into place to ensure that pet care facilities meet minimum standards for physical facilities; sanitation; ventilation; lighting; heating; cooling; humidity; spatial and enclosure requirements; nutrition; humane care; medical treatment; methods of operation and record keeping. 

Check out the rules implemented by the program.

Contact a PACFA Advisory Committee member.

File a complaint with PACFA.

Other places to report mills and cruelty