On March 3, 2016, HSUS was on the ground rescuing 295 dogs from a suspected puppy mill in Madison County, Arkansas. HSUS was alerted to this property through their puppy mill tip line, and local authorities served a search warrant.

On the property, they found animals living in dangerous and filthy conditions. Many of the dogs were housed in tiny cages covered with feces and lacking clean water and food. HSUS also witnessed the heartbreaking consequences of this cruelty — carcasses and piles of bones strewn across the property.

Luckily, HSUS removed the animals and transported them to a temporary emergency shelter where they were thoroughly examined by teams of veterinarians and received the necessary medical treatment.

In July 2014, the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Cherokee County Marshal's Office busted a huge puppy mill that had been operating in Georgia since the 1980s. All dogs and puppies were rescued from the horrific facility and were cared for at the Cherokee County Animal Shelter until they were ready for rescue or adoption. Many pregnant females gave birth shortly after the bust, and raising the final total of rescued dogs even further. The owners of the puppy mill plead guilty to 25 charges of animal cruelty and were sentenced to 25 consecutive years of probation.

Colorado Citizen for Canine Welfare President Cheryl Saipe speaks about the history, regulations, pending legislation, and what you can do to stop breeding in Colorado puppy mills.

Basil the Disaster Kitten shows how to prepare your pet for a natural disaster!

DOG BY DOG is a feature-length documentary scheduled to be released worldwide in 2015. DOG BY DOG is a documentary about the daily realities of puppy mills and the reasons they have been allowed to remain in business.

On July 23, 2015, we debuted the movie in Denver at the Mayan Theater in Denver with special guest Paige Elway! Check out photos from the event.

If you have a chance, check out this long awaited documentary that follows the money trail from commercial dog breeding facilities to Washington DC.

In February 2014 one hundred twenty one dogs and more than 60 other animals were rescued from a suspected Jefferson County, Ark., puppy mill after authorities discovered them living in filth and suffering from a lack of basic care.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office called in The Humane Society of the United States and other area organizations, including Central Arkansas Rescue Efforts for Animals, The Humane Society of Saline County, Out of the Woods, RedRover, and Sallis Ranch Large Animal Rescue, Inc., to assist in the rescue and removal the animals.

The Puppy Mill Project presents "I Will Be Saved." This video is the People's Choice Award-winning video in a recent contest called "Why Puppy Mills Stink." The video is a humanized picture of what dogs in puppy mills endure every day.

The Puppy Mill Project ( educates the public at community events and schools handing out literature, spreading the message about puppy mill cruelty and provides age-based interactive lectures and presentations. Ninety-nine percent of all pet store puppies are puppy mill puppies. Most people are unaware of this. TPMP is changing that fact. By lessening the demand for these dogs, we will in effect lower the puppy mills' profits. TPMP has several programs that are designed to encourage consumers to explore adoption and to shop at pet stores who have moved to the "humane model."

Help put an end to puppy mills.

Will is a Cocker Spaniel who spent ten to twelve years in a cage in a puppy mill as a breeder dog.  In May of 2011, he was rescued and found his permanent home with Mary Klever in Colorado Springs, CO.  But his suffering isn't over.  Born blind, he was diagnosed with a number of other congenital conditions and issues caused by extreme neglect.

Unfortunately, Will's story is not unusual.  What happened to Will happens to thousands of dogs in thousands of commercial dog breeding facilities across the United States every year and it won't stop until the dog-buying public understands where puppy mill dogs are sold - at pet stores and through the internet.

Sadly, Will passed away in October 2014. His family is left with a hole in their hearts and many happy memories. Read Will's last message.

Click below to see a one minute video about Will.