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Stories speak to us. They teach us; they make us cry, laugh, and rise up in anger. Sometimes they inspire us to take action.

We have included articles within this section that will educate you about our cause or stories about people who were inspired to do something about an issue that spoke very deeply to them.

If you have been moved to take action or have a powerful story about one of your best friends (canine, that is), we want it! Go to our contact page and tell us your story.

Technology has changed our world but we are still people with our dogs sitting around the campfire, telling our stories. Sit down with us and tell us yours.

Harley Leaves Lasting Legacy

An influential Chihuahua rescued from a puppy mill who went on to lead a movement died March 20, 2016. 

It was a power washer that claimed Harley's left eye as his cage was cleaned inside an Oklahoma puppy mill years ago.

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Sick Breeders, Sick Dogs : A Veterinarians View

A responsible breeder:

  • only breeds dogs without hereditary diseases.
  • breeds a female dog at maximum once every other heat cycle.
  • shows concern for the health and welfare of their dogs and the puppies they raise.
  • takes their breeding stock to a veterinarian for care and preventative medicine.
  • houses only the number of dogs they can care for adequately.
  • cares about the homes where the puppies are placed.

A puppy mill breeder does none of the above.

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Stella's Story

A few years ago, my husband and I were out walking our dog Stella when we ran into a couple who were also walking their dogs. While our dogs played, we got to know each other and they spoke about something we had never heard of - "puppy mills." On the way home, my husband and looked at each other knowing we were thinking the same thing. “Did we get Stella from a “puppy mill?”

After researching the term on the Internet, I discovered that we had. Our sweet dog Stella had just started having health issues and now we knew why.

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That Doggie in the Window

Puppy Mills: An Historical Perspective

The idea of puppy mills came from the USDA’s attempt to introduce another source of income to struggling farmers right after World War II. Unfortunately, most farmers had no experience with canine animal husbandry or genetics and tried to save money by using chicken coops and rabbit hutches. Thus was born the puppy mill industry; breed them, wean them and truck them out the door. Again and again and again.

This was no way to breed and raise healthy dogs.

The Birth of That Doggie in the Window

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