Letter by Paige and John Elway

Check out this letter written by Paige and John Elway to 5414 Production who produced the Dog By Dog Documentary. Thank you John and Paige for all your support of DBD and coming out for the Denver Premiere! We have been blessed with the support of some high-profile friends that obviously help us spread the word about DBD and puppy mills.

"This movie is finally going to expose the truth about where your puppies are coming from. We were shocked to learn about where these beloved pets are coming from. Many are unaware of the percentage of dogs purchase through puppy stores and online are actually coming from these horrendous places with horrible living conditions. Christopher E. Grimes did an outstanding job conveying the truths behind puppy mills. He brings to you the hard facts of this multi-million dollar industry. We need to bring awareness to our communities and an end to the horrible abuse these dogs are subjected to. Thank You for opening my eyes to this growing epidemic."

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