2014-What a busy year for 3CW and Colorado!


3CW is an educational organization whose goal is to bring puppymill cruelty to light in Colorado and across the nation. 

Our work includes supporting other organizations and advocating for positive changes in animal welfare legislation as a part of that educational premise.  3CW believes that the public will not stand for the cruelty perpetrated by mills once that cruelty is brought to light.  It is our vision-and yours-to shine a light on those who mass produce for profit only and bear responsibilty for overproduction and death of millions of dogs yearly in the U.S.  Our all volunteer organization devotes thousands of hours to this work so the public will be enlightened and take a stand against animal cruelty perpetrated by mills and the retail outlets that sell mill produced puppies.


DENVER RTD Holiday Bus Campaign   2013/2014

Many saw, commentated on and encouraged the bustail educational ad on the back of 20 buses. The campaign ran starting in December of 2013 through January of 2014.  The ad ran again in June, 2014-the beginning of puppy buying season for the summer.  This campaign gave over 300,000 impressions each month with the 20 buses running different routes each day.  Many posted the bus ad on 3CW's FaceBook page. 


Northern Colorado Educational Campaign  2014

This was a bit of a different approach.  We contracted with AllOver Media to place the same educational information from the bustail campaign in flyer format inside of restrooms in restaurants and sports bars across Northern Colorado.  This included Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, Longmont and Brighton.  It was a novel way to reach a captive audience!  Impression estimate was 196,000. 



3CW volunteers attended 15 events this last year-thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers!  Because of those volunteers more events in Colorado Springs and Northern Colorado were attended.

  • Denver Pet Expo
  • Colorado Springs Pet Expo
  • VegFest
  • Humane Lobby Day
  • Paws on the Promenade
  • Doggie Olympics
  • The Fast and Furriest
  • Pearl Street Pet Fair
  • Fire Hyrant Five



3CW's was asked to present to Aurora Quest K-8 middle school children a program on mill dogs!  Pat and Cheryl said the kids asked the best questions and were really engaged.  Teaching compassion at this age starts a movement much like the anti smoking campaign or using seatbelts.  It becomes natural and is passed on.  For the last three years, 3CW has been asked to present at a church in the Denver area as well. 


Social Media/Website/Rallies

Social media outreach is a significant tool for 3CW. Several FaceBook campaigns over the last year have helped get the word out to over 200,000 people by post boosts and page boosts.  There is no question numbers mean power for the animals, so we spend to gain likes and boost posts.  If we reach 1,000 people and they, in turn, pass the info on to 10 friends-the number grows exponentially!

New website is up, running and continuing to update. 

  • Puppy Mill Awareness Day-boosted three days resulting in 196,000 views, new page likes, shares, photo clicks, etc.
  • USDA hiring Julian Prager-a propuppy miller-to oversee the USDA's Canine Program under the Animal Welfare Act.
  • 3CW page boost-we are now at a point with followers that the growth of page likes is taking off.  At the moment we have 3,496. 
  • Rallies continue every Saturday (weather permitting) at pet stores to educate buyers before buying a puppy.
  • Google Grants/Adwords-3CW was approved for a $10,000 a month grant by Google to use on Google to level the playing field with large business and organizations with more money to buy their way to the top of Google search listings.


Your financial support allows 3CW to do this work!  Please help us to continue-volunteer, donate and spread the word!